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Public spaces protection orders (PSPO)

Swindon Borough Council has the responsibility for making PSPOs, although enforcement powers are much broader; police officers and PCSOs also have responsibility for enforcing an order.

Any person found to be in breach of the restrictions may receive an on the spot fixed penalty notice (FPN).

The following documents outline the details of the Town Centre and Lydiard Park orders:

Town Centre PSPO variation public consultation

Under the Anti-social, Crime & Policing Act 2014 where a PSPO is in force, the local authority that made the order may vary it by increasing or reducing the restricted area or by altering or removing a prohibition or requirement included in the order, or adding a new one.

Since the Town Centre PSPO was launched in November 2015 it has been closely monitored and from listening to public concerns from those visiting the Town Centre it appears that certain activities and areas not included in the order have become a growing concern and are likely or already have a detrimental effect to the quality of life of those in the area, whilst certain current restrictions are no longer of such concern. Therefore Swindon Borough Council and its partner agencies are proposing a variation to the current order to meet the needs or residents and visitors to the area.

Public engagement took place for 6 weeks from 27 October 2016 and attracted 151 responses. To see the results of the public engagement survey please view the downloadable PDF below:

Public feedback is currently being viewed and further details will be issued in due course. Further details on PSPO’s can be found on the Community Safety Partnership website.