Town Centre Community Clean Hailed Huge Success

28 May 2019

Last week the town centre community came together to give up their valuable time to take part in the bi-annual community clean-up in the town centre.

Organised by the inSwindon BID working group - ‘Clean and Well Maintained’, which includes members from businesses within the town centre, the ‘Keep it Clean’ campaign is part of an ongoing initiative with multiple projects throughout the year with an aim to achieve long term sustainable reduction in litter in the town centre. Swindon town centre businesses, visitors and residents have come together to change behaviours, do good and raise civic pride in our town centre.

As the Spring Clean comes to an end, here’s some fact and figures from across the week:

  • 92 volunteers
  • 184 hours of enhancement
  • 71 bags of litter
  • 200+ pieces of chewing gum removed
  • 23 pieces of graffiti removed
  • 3 shopping trolleys recovered

Over the course of the week, 71 bags of litter in a busy town centre may not seem too bad, however 90% of the contents were discarded cigarette butts, around 50,000 based upon collecting 300 per hour during the clean-up. The BID would encourage all town centre users to dispose of all their waste responsibly, particularly cigarette butts and chewing gum.

Di Powell, inSwindon BID CEO said: “Our town centre is not untidy, the council do a fantastic job on the upkeep of the public space, and with our daily top service of our town centre Caretaker, we’re proud of the general appearance of the town.

The aim of the community spring clean, was to bring together the local community, through businesses and the general public, and to take pride in our town centre. As you would with any ‘spring clean’, we went into the real nooks and crannies of the town where you wouldn’t normally go, and I’m delighted with what we have been able to achieve over the week.”

There has been significant investment into cleaning machinery from both Swindon Borough Council and inSwindon BID in recent months, and the community clean this week saw the use of the BIDs new ‘Gum Buster’ for the town. The Brunel, The Parade and inSwindon BID which will work on a 3-week rolling rota using the chewing gum machine to keep all areas of the town centre gum free where possible.

Rachael Youd, Project Co-ordinator of the event added “the support and feedback from the general public across the week has been very supportive and encouraging.I am extremely grateful to The Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon Borough Council and in particularly McDonalds for providing equipment and staff to support the initiative.