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We’ve always been passionate about serving the very best, specialty coffee since day one. It’s how so many of us start our day, so we want everyone to have the best kick-start to their morning.

And great coffee naturally demands great food, ours is handmade in our own kitchen, daily.

Since the opening of our very first Triple Two, a space station based inside the Brunel Centre, Swindon, the brand has gone from strength to strength. 4 months later (August 1st 2016) we opened our flagship 3000 sqft store and we cannot believe the progress we have made since then.

Founding members David and Sezan spent thousands of hours in various coffee shops understanding what was missing from leading UK coffee brands. Alongside their coffee trainer and coffee bean provider, they discovered that a great amount of things needed to be improved!

A perfect latte can’t be made without perfectly frothed milk… You may have noticed that you rarely get correctly frothed milk while you’re waiting for your morning coffee before work.
Secondly, the coffee lacked taste; a good cup of coffee shouldn’t need 6 sugars (in our opinion).

So the mission was simple. Find a better coffee bean as well as train any Triple Two barista to lovingly make coffee, not throw you out of the door as quickly as possible!