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Swindon Sisters Alliance

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  • Swindon Sisters Alliance feature image
We are a newly formed charitable company Not-For-Profit. Our goal is to work within our community by helping victims of domestic abuse recover and rebuild their lives through therapeutic treatments

We are a Not-For-Profit Community Interest Company, located in Swindon. Offering our Swindon community support.

Our company came about from our own personal heartache that has occurred within our family. Domestic violence that led to our beloved sisters Julie’s death.

Our aim is to help others prevent or recover from domestic violence crime, give victims / survivors and their families support and offering support where needed within our community. This includes mental health related to domestic violence where homicide and suicide were the outcome.

We are newly formed and have great projects in mind, Firstly our first project will be to set this up, fundraising to establish where the support is needed.

Going forward into the future we are trying to find a location for a shop to sell on donations given to our charity cause to generate income to support our cause.

We would love to offer therapy in terms of day trips and our biggest goals would be to obtain a mobile home on a holiday site where our community can go and have a holiday free of charge.