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Divine Contract Caterers

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​We are

The top cake manufacturing and food production unit in Swindon(UK). Started in 2012, Divine Contract Caterers (DCC) has grown to acquire every necessary and relevant skillset required for a globally acclaimed catering unit, to serve with utmost efficiency, reliability, creativity and effectiveness.


A meal nourishes, unites, brings joy and life

A meal is a creative combination and packaging of life-sustaining substances

A meal is a culinary experience that goes beyond conventional action reaching every emotion and touching the soul

Every occasion and celebration in life requires a meal and a deserving cake

Every cake brings a smile, excites and brings to life the hearts of every granny, uncle, aunt, mum dad, sister, brother, cousin and child – every occasion comes alive…

DCC is mind body and soul on a platter…


We are at The #Crossing_Food_Hub at the The Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon Town Centre.