• Change, Grow, Live

Change, Grow, Live

We are dedicated to promoting wellbeing and recovery from addiction when you feel ready to take those steps.

Swindon & Wiltshire Active Recovery Service (IMPACT) is a free, confidential service for anyone who is concerned about their own or someone else’s substance use. Our team of specialist workers are skilled in helping people decide what changes they want to make, whether you need intensive support or just some brief advice, we will support you.

We provide evening sessions for those who cannot attend during the working day and can offer online tools to make accessing support as easy as possible.


Temple Chambers,

4 Temple Street,

Tel: 01793 328150

Fax: 01793 328199

SPOC: 01793 328150

Opening Times

Monday9.30am - 1pm & 1.30pm - 8pm
Tuesday9.30am - 1pm & 1.30pm - 5pm
Wednesday9.30pm - 1pm & 1.30pm - 5pm
Thursday9.30am - 1pm & 1.30pm - 5pm
Friday9.30am - 1pm & 1.30pm - 5pm