Cafe Nero

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Caffè Nero

The story goes back around 20 years, to our founder Gerry Ford. Armed with a passion for coffee, he had a vision to create traditional Italian cafés across Europe; places that served very high quality coffee and acted as a meeting spot for the neighbourhood. They started off simply trying to make a few local independent coffee houses work. And they did! 

Making great coffee takes some doing. So, they built their own Roastery and created a unique award-winning coffee blend  (regularly work on developing new and interesting blends too). And, importantly, they set up an espresso training school – where all  Baristas master the art of coffee making. This has led to a family owned and operated business opening more than 800 coffee houses across Europe, recognised for serving ‘the best espresso this side of Milan’. Every day they try to live up to that praise.

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