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inSwindon BID Company Ltd is an independent, not for profit, business-funded and business-led body representing a defined area of Swindon Town Centre.

We have provided direct contact details for Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Police, should you have concerns that need reporting. 



Damage to property - caused by graffiti

Swindon Borough Council provide a free service to remove graffiti from publicly owned buildings and structures.

If your property has been affected and you would like assistance with the removal of graffiti, you can contact Swindon Borough Council.

The disclaimer form must be completed, giving permission to carry out the work required.

Removal_of_Graffiti_Disclaimer (2).pdf

On receipt of the completed disclaimer, Swindon Borough Council will schedule the graffiti removal work, which will be done within 28 working-days.

  • High-pressure jet washing
  • Over-painting

Over-painting would be carried out if they believe there may be a likelihood the surface could be damaged by jet washing. If you are concerned about the jet washing option, you may opt for over-painting only by indicating so on the disclaimer.

Send your completed disclaimer to:

A scanned copy can be emailed to:

Alternatively, you can post your completed disclaimer to:

Street Cleaning
Swindon Borough Council
Waterside Park
Darby Close
Cheney Manor Industrial Estate
Swindon. SN2 2PN

For further information, visit: