Residency Sharing: N A K E D

Residency Sharing: N A K E D

PAIGE-MARIE BAKER-CARROLL AND LUKE VINCENT will be sharing their new piece N A K E D, before it heads to VAULT Festival 2020.

In a world that continues to become more disconnected in human interaction...

N A K E D is a time and a place for you to witness. When one thing leads to another and two bodies: separate, combine, fly, fall.

N A K E D is about finding authentic expression within the self by breaking gender normalities through unconventional forms of movement and theatre, encouraging female strength and male fragility.

N A K E D is a celebration of expression.

N A K E D aims to inspire audiences to champion their individuality.

N A K E D celebrates vulnerability and honesty.

N A K E D Is the connection with music.

N A K E D is friendship.

When: Sunday 26th January 2020, 6pm
How much: Pay what you can

Warnings: Mild Nudity
Suitable for ages 15+