Myles and Me

Myles and Me

Myles and Me


As part of the Shoebox Artist Residency Programme, WAWOW will be developing ‘Myles and Me’ and sharing a work-in-progress performance on Saturday the 23rd of November!

‘Myles and Me’ is an eye-opening journey into living with an uninvited MonSter. What’s it like to have to change your life without free choice? Can Vicky make it work?

'Myles and Me’ centres on the experience of Vicky Strong, played by Ruth Curtis, as she talks to the audience from her hospital room. Sat in a wheelchair but not bound to it, Vicky has a lot to live up to - her smiles at birth; her surname; Paula Radcliffe; an ex who ran leaving her and their dog behind; and, most of all, the uninvited MonSter who threatens to blight her wedding day.

‘Myles and Me’ is a new play by Lekha Desai Morrison researched through the personal experiences of disabled actress Ruth Curtis who lives with Multiple Sclerosis.

When: Saturday 23rd November, 8pm
How much: £5

Suitable for ages 14+
Runtime: 55mins

WARNINGS: Strong language. Contains descriptions of medical symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.