Just for Males - Dance on Screen

Just for Males - Dance on Screen

3 Aug at 10:00 – 5 Aug at 12:30

Public · Hosted by Swindon Dance

Online event



Led by Liam Wallace (Just for Boys group leader) these sessions will focus on filming and capturing movement and dance on screen. The sessions would include material being taught through zoom in your homes and tips and skill sets to go away and film those phrases through the screen in an area of your choice – The Park, your garden, your home etc. You would come back as a group the following days to share ideas and ways of editing your footage together to make your own film. Liam would offer support, advice, skills and tasks to creating your own movement phrases, how to link the movement to music and how to record movement for dance on screen.

(The films would be kept as your own memorabilia and the footage would only be shared via zoom if you felt you wanted to share)

You would need your own device to record on (a smart phone, iPad, Tablet) and we would suggest an app for editing that is free. Suitable for boys; 8-16 yrs.

£10 Book online: www.swindondance.org.uk/event/summer-social-disdancing-just-for-males-8-16-years/

Monday session 10:00-11:00

Tuesday session 10.00-11.00

Wednesday session 11.30-12.30