About inSwindon BID Company Ltd

inSwindon BID Company Ltd is a not for profit, business-funded and business-led body representing a defined area of Swindon Town Centre.

We were created to provide additional services or improvements to a local area, encourage commercial growth, represent and respond to the interests and needs of businesses, and develop projects for the good of the area and community.

How we are funded

Funds are raised through a levy on all non-domestic rate paying properties in the BID area, based on the proportionate value of their property’s rateable value and managed entirely independently by inSwindon BID.

We are honoured custodians of our BID members’ precious collective funds – and undertake the task of investing them in the Town Centre very seriously.

“Our BID area community is a wonderful mix of national businesses, independent traders, charities, venues and amenities, each with a distinct character. inSwindon brings everyone together”

How we work

“We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our BID Members and wherever we can make their requests happen.

The BID has a can-do attitude and a drive for initiatives to come to fruition, not just to be discussed.

The BID focuses not just on the next five years, but the now. The team works with passion and enthusiasm to ensure professional, diligent delivery of all its services, with swift response to information delivery, promotion, changes and incidences in the Town Centre, and support for our businesses and partners.”

Anita Bellinger, inSwindon BID Executive Director

We work in close partnership with various organisations including town centre businesses, Swindon Borough Council, Wiltshire Police, charities and community organisations to shape the town centre. We are entirely independent; we work with, but not for the local authority.

We are funded by our BID business levy payers and provide additionality to services, not substitution. We drive forward the BID’s Business Plan and answer to the BID members and the board.

Core priorities for evolving Swindon Town Centre

Community focus and partnership

Working together to create opportunity and prosperity

Public space and green investment

Working together to improve the Town Centre experience and environment

Destination marketing and information

Working together to showcase and promote a dynamic town centre

"Three key words are vital to the future of the Town Centre – vision, partnership and persistence. We believe that through our commitment, and by caring about the heart of this town, we can make Swindon Town Centre even better for workers, residents, and visitors" 

Ian Larrard, Board Chair, inSwindon BID Company, Director Business West


BIDs succeed because they are focused, entrepreneurial and cost efficient, providing a powerful, and fast response to business needs.

They are not a replacement for local authority and police services, but provide an additional resource. They are funded by businesses through a small levy, normally applied to the rateable value of commercial premises.

BIDs are created by a ballot amongst participating businesses, and have a maximum term of five years before they have to return to their electorate in order to be renewed.



For more info on BIDs in the UK visit WWW.BRITISHBIDS.INFO

inSwindon BIDs 2022 - 2027 Business Plan

2022 - 2027 Business Plan available here