Our vision

“To create a vibrant BID area, we can all be proud of, where businesses prosper, our communities thrive and visitors value the Swindon town centre as a destination of choice.”

We are a democratically elected, business-led organisation which was formed to improve a defined commercial area in Swindon town centre. First established in 2007, we were one of the earliest BID’s to set up and we were successfully renewed in 2017. Led by businesses, we represent 478 hereditaments and since 2007 we have invested more than £5m in Swindon town centre. We recognise how important working in partnership is to being effective and achieving results.

We work in close partnership with various organisations including Swindon Borough Council, Wiltshire Police and Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (SWLEP) to shape the town centre. We are entirely independent, funded by our BID business levy payers and provide ‘additionality’ to services, not substitution. We drive forward the BID’s Business Plan and answer to the BID Board.

Proposed programme areas for 2017-2022:

• A Better promoted town centre

• A Cleaner and more attractive town centre

• A Safer and friendlier town centre

• A support network for businesses in the town centre

Our work includes:

478 businesses having one powerful voice for a greater say

Reduced business costs through group purchasing initiatives

A safe and welcoming town centre from the Street Team BID Ambassadors

An exciting Events Programme to improve footfall and increase dwell time

A more attractive town centre with increased footfall

Subsidised radio link membership, CCTV for detection & crime prevention

Co-ordinated town centre management of event space and attractions

Town Centre performance measurement

Co-ordinated approach to car parking and transport links – in line with Swindon Borough Council’s strategy

A co-ordinated marketing strategy for the town centre

Business networking, intelligence sharing and a collective voice


BIDs succeed because they are focused, entrepreneurial and cost efficient, providing a powerful, and fast response to business needs.

They are not a replacement for local authority and police services, but provide an additional resource. They are funded by businesses through a small levy, normally applied to the rateable value of commercial premises.

BIDs are created by a ballot amongst participating businesses, and have a maximum term of five years before they have to return to their electorate in order to be renewed.



For more info on BIDs in the UK visit WWW.BRITISHBIDS.INFO

inSwindon BID Prospectus

After ten years, the inSwindon BID Company has evolved; you would expect nothing less. Not only are we committed to continuing to provide the much needed and highly valued specialist, additional and enhanced services being delivered in your town centre, we have also become a strong voice for you, our members.

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