inSwindon BID Team

Anita Bellinger

inSwindon BID


Angie Blackford

inSwindon BID

Operations Manager

Allie Brown

inSwindon BID

Communications Manager

The inSwindon BID team

We are a small, dynamic team of an Executive Director, Operations Manager, Communications Manager and Ambassadors.

The Executive Director represents and advocates for our Town Centre business community at a multitude of forums, workshops and stakeholder events.

Together we run the day-to-day services, drive projects forward, carry out operations effectively and efficiently, ensure work is measured and reviewed for best practice, and that correct governance is complied with.

“Community is at the heart of the Town Centre. We add creativity and business support"

inSwindon BID Town Ambassadors provide support, advice and assistance. 

Visit the inSwindon BID Town Ambassadors page for details.

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