Op Dasher - key results

18 February 2020

Each year Wiltshire Police bring the town centre business community together to collaborate and assist with keeping the public safe and reducing crime in the town centre. An initiative known as Op Dasher.

Running from 4th December until Christmas Eve and is supported by inSwindon BID's Street Team, Swindon Borough Council CCTV operators and store security staff. Working together we aim to reduce anti-social behaviour, thefts, drinking, nuisance begging and all aspects of the PSPO.

Results of a survey carried out to BID members post Op Dasher showed that:

  • 61.11% of respondents were aware of Op Dasher taking place
  • 58.82% saw a reduction in crime
  • 61.11% saw a reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • 66.67% saw a reduction in street drinkers
  • 44.44% saw a reduction in rough sleepers
  • 77.78% saw joint patrols carried out by The Police and the inSwindon BID Street Team
  • 100% said they would like to see this type of Police operation more often in the town centre

In the months following Op Dasher, there have been no street drinkers reported in the town centre. We appreciate this will not be a permanent fix, but it demonstrates that Op Dasher is more than a 3-week campaign as it deters for weeks/months after each operation.

inSwindon BID will continue to work on future initiatives with Wiltshire Police and advise you when these will happen.