Local Business Covid-19 Recovery Health Check

15 May 2020

This week the Government outlined the first steps to guide us through the easing of the Coronavirus lockdown. To assist this vital recovery, ‘Save The High Street’ have compiled a checklist of top strategies for business on the high street.

The most important recovery and resilience strategies for local business owners have been included in the survey and covers the most important strategies for high street business owners right now, across 6 key themes:

1. Reducing your costs
2. Selling in new ways
3. Adapting your marketing
4. Collaborating as a high street
5. Preparing for the future
6. Funding your business

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On completion of the survey ‘Save The High Street’ will also provide you with your Recovery & Resilience Health-Check, including:

  • A personalised report and score, highlighting vulnerabilities and opportunities across your business.
  • 6 top recommendations selected for you, each with useful content and step-by-step guides.
  • A telephone call with an expert consultant to discuss your report and recommendations (optional and for the first 1,000 responses).

This is FREE for all local business owners, from retailers to restaurateurs, salons to cafes, travel agents to lawyers, boutiques to galleries, and everyone in the UK. Provided by SaveTheHighStreet.org