30 July 2020

ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND EMERGENCY GRASSROOTS MUSIC VENUES FUND – Grants between £1,000 and £80,000 to support grassroots live music venues in England, including community venues, clubs and public houses.

Application deadline: Monday 3 August 2020.Please note the short application window for this scheme, which just has one funding round. Please forward details to anyone in your contact networks who may be interested in applying.
Funder: the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The scheme is administered by Arts Council England. The programme has a budget of £2.25 million.
Who can apply: all grassroots live music venues in England whose main function is to present live music events for a public audience.

The Emergency Grassroots Music Venues Fund is intended to help England's live music venues that are at imminent risk of insolvency because of trading restrictions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Applicants can apply for a grant ranging from £1,000 to £80,000 to cover operational costs incurred between 4 August and 30 September 2020. The scheme will support ongoing costs that cannot be covered because of reduced income levels. This includes general running costs and overheads, such as rates and utilities, personnel and staffing costs and mitigating losses.

Venues that were financially sustainable before the pandemic will be prioritised to ensure they remain solvent until 30 September 2020. It will support venues hosting all music genres including rap, R&B, hip hop, rock, blues, indie, metal, soul, popular music and many others. Venues can include pubs, clubs, cafes or bars that host live music, nightclubs that regularly host DJ and MC based events and live music, combined arts venues that host live music, community venues or village halls that host live music.

All live grassroots music venues in England, whose main function is to present live music events for a public audience, may apply for a grant of between £1,000 and £80,000. There is no matched funding requirement.

The average grant award is expected to be around £15,000.

Please note that the scheme will only fund those cost that cannot otherwise be covered though grants, loans and/or other UK Government initiatives such as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Funding is not available to cover any costs that are not solely required in order to keep the venue solvent until 30 September 2020, such as

o Costs towards programming or other creative or educational activities.
o Improvements to buildings or infrastructure such as asset purchase or building / capital costs.
o Contributions to redundancy processes.
o Significant historic debt (for example, debt accrued prior to 1 March 2020).
o Reflating reserves,
o Covering costs/losses already supported through other sources, including Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund and government schemes.

In addition, individual promoters, producers, bands, artists, agents or managers cannot be funded, while venues whose main purpose is anything other than presenting live grassroots music, such as serving food and drink, are not eligible.

There is a single, short application window for the Fund, which closes at 12 noon on Monday 3 August 2020.

Further information, including details of the application process, is available on the Arts Council website.

Contact details for the Arts Council are:

Arts Council England
21 Bloomsbury Street
0845 300 6200