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Street Team

The inSwindon Street Team are an integral part of the business and continue to support local busieness within the BID area.

The Street Team will develop and offer the following services over the duration of the BID.

  • Provision of loss prevention training for BID investors, at least twelve sessions per year for a number of BID Companies.
  • Provision of radio training to all Swindon Intelligence Partnership members to ensure the most efficient use of the system, intelligence reporting processes and personal safety measures.
  • Use of real - time mobile incident reporting software through MAESTRO to support the BID in mapping the area correctly of incidents to create a 'heat map' of criminal activity. This will the allow the BID Company to work with partners such as the police to reduce the problems highlighted by Swindon Intelligence Partnership members.
  • Criminal intelligence management through the Swindon Intelligence Partnership intranet website
  • Day-to-day operational and high visibility assistance with issues ranging from lost children and shoplifting through to public safety control and event management.
  • Control of vehicle access and egress within the town centre to ensure all users of the town centre are safe.

Contact the Street Team: 

Duty Mobile: 07867 354911



The Day Safe/Night Safe scheme helps share intelligence across the whole of the Borough, again working with appropriate agencies such as local police. For more information about this scheme please visit.

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