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Businesses sign up to Switch on to Swindon!

Friday 27 Jan 2017

Businesses sign up to Switch on to Swindon!

The business community came together this week to officially launch ‘Switch on to Swindon’! A new initiative designed to highlight the town as a great place to live, work, invest in and visit.

With Swindon ranking as the 7th most productive economy in the UK, as well as having the fifth highest employment rate, the town offers a wealth of possibilities for businesses and individuals. However this can sometimes be overlooked.

‘Switch on to Swindon’ plans to change this and show the world exactly what Swindon has to offer.

The initiative is supported by Swindon Borough Council but very much led by local businesses.

The plan is to create a network of ambassadors made up of businesses of all sizes and industries, community leaders and individuals. They will be the champions of our town and the catalyst for our future. By showing people, both inside and outside of Swindon, just how positive doing business and living here can be, we can shout about the town and help ensure it prospers.


Swindon Ambassadors are a powerful group of businesses, organisations and individuals that will make things happen! A resource of people, contacts and enthusiasm that will promote Swindon and influence its development. Ambassadors will also have access to services and support that will support their success.

This is a great opportunity for town centre businesses and we urge you to sign up to the Ambassador scheme.

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