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Forward Swindon

Forward Swindon
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Forward Swindon

Delivering Success for Swindon

Swindon has the potential to achieve economic prominence, with a thriving workforce and a town centre worthy of its population and the businesses that are already achieving success here.

The opportunities that lie ahead for Swindon are exciting and, with Forward Swindon leading plans for its growth and regeneration, these opportunities will be realised. Forward Swindon produced a five year Business Plan in October 2010, and the Company updates its detailed delivery plan each year in conjunction with the local authority.

About the Company

Forward Swindon is the company established by Swindon Borough Council in 2010 to deliver and facilitate economic growth and property development in the town. Forward Swindon is a limited company, funded by the Council, but operated independently with a private sector dominated Board. The staff includes specialists in economic growth and inward investment, regeneration, senior business management, marketing and communications, and project management, with a mix of backgrounds in the private and public sector.

Annual Delivery Plan 2013-14:

A Delivery Plan has been agreed between Forward Swindon’s shareholder, Swindon Borough Council and the Company’s Board. Over the last financial year, two new Directors joined the Company, which has enjoyed some significant successes, featured on

The 2013-14 Plan, included in the resources section of this page, consolidates on these achievements, and includes new activity such as driving a new higher education strategy for Swindon, and setting out priorities for the new Masterplan.

Forward Swindon’s sister site, is designed to promote Swindon, and includes key facts about the economy and major brands based here, the commercial property market and lifestyle. Visitors to the site can contact us about relocation, moving around Swindon, or investing in projects or businesses within the town. The site also holds a range of practical information to support local businesses, within the "Growing your business" section.